Forecasting Model for the direction of aFRR activation in Germany


Feb 08, 2022 09:35 The aFRR forecast tool estimates the sign of the average aFRR demand of the current quarter hour. The average aFRR activation of the preceding quarter hour is the basis of the forecast, together with frequency information.

Analysis: the periodic patterns of the network frequency


Sep 23, 2021 22:00 Imbalances between generation and consumption of electrical energy are visible in real time in the grid frequency. Such imbalances are often market driven and therefore recurrent. An analysis of the periodic components of the grid frequency.

Iberian Peninsula separated from UCTE on 24/07/2021


Jul 24, 2021 18:10 Separation of the Iberian Peninsula from the European UCTE system. As a result, the grid frequency in Spain drops below 49 Hz! Switching back despite 200 mHz frequency difference!

Frequency Drop in May 2021

Morgre - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Morgre - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

May 21, 2021 18:57 In May 2021, the frequency dropped to 49.85 Hz on two successive days. This article discusses the reasons and consequences of the two events, the shutdown of a substation and a market-driven effect.

Electric Network Frequency Analysis 2.0

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Mar 31, 2021 15:37 Electric Network Frequency Analysis enables the identification of the timestamp and the authenticity of an audio or a video by employing grid frequency data. Gridradar's geographically distributed measurement system additionally allows the regional allocation of the point of origin of a tape.

SCRAM of Krško NPP after earthquake on 29.12.2020


Jan 10, 2021 16:56 On 29.12.2020, a reactor fast shutdown occurred at the Krško nuclear power plant (SI) as a result of an earthquake in Petrinja (HR), about 100 km away, at about 12:20. Interestingly, different levels of frequency deviation occurred in Europe as a result of the RESA.